You are unique,
so is your skin
We analyze your skin type and condition.
Create personalized skincare tailored to your specific skin needs.
Launching Summer 2021

Why personalize skincare?
Everybody's needs are unique
We are different – from our genetic makeup to our food preferences. A regular drugstore cream does not take our individual traits into account
We buy chaotically
55% of consumers get their skincare following friend's advice or buying into advertising. We often choose products that don't work together or simply don't agree with our skin
We want to know what we pay for
We sometimes pay €80 for a cream hoping for it to work. But how do we know if it fits our skin? No salary will ever be enough for that kind of constant experimenting
Dermatologist is always there
A qualified dermatologist will always be available to answer your concerns about skin condition, ageing and skincare
How do we create personalized skincare?
Determine your skin type and condition
You complete our online-test and attach several selfies. A team of qualified dermatologists and the Openface AI algorithm analyze the data
Provide a detailed skin report
You receive your results: information about skin type and condition, means of addressing your current skin issues and extensive skincare recommendations
Select ingredients
In our lab we determine the perfect ingredients' concentration for your skin and develop the formula
Within 10 days you receive your personalized skincare kit. It is always possible to adjust your formula
Products that fit your skin
We create products that already «know» your skin and work with your specific concerns. Our scientific expertise and extensive ingredient library allow for a high precision of recommendations
Gentle cleansing gel that does not contain abrasive particles, alcohols or sulfates. It cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture

Moisturizing creams are made to keep your skin nourished and supple. Your own moisturizing formula will help you to restore the skin and maintain its hydrolipidic balance

A highly customized serum that targets acne, blackheads, dehydration and other conditions. It is made is to effectively solve one specific skin concern
How we do it?
We only use ingredients with proven efficiency
Our production meets the Good Manufacturing Practice standard
We adjust your formula if it doesn't fit perfectly
No animal testing
Our plastic is recyclable
Our dermatologist is available 24/7
During conversation I wouldn't maintain eye contact because I was self-conscious about how my face looks. I thought that I will never be acne-free. Right now I am using Openface cleanser and treatment and I see the results. Real results! I am finally able to communicate without boundaries
I realized that I don't want to cover my acne anymore – I want to treat it. Since my teens I've been using scrubs and getting regular facials – that's my way of treating pimples and blackheads. My favourite product is painkiller by Openface. The blackheads are still there, but their amount is drastically lower
high school students
I have sensitive, acne and redness-prone skin. For me, many ingredients trigger allergies. Personalized skincare works for me – it takes all of the nuances into account. And it works. That's what really matters.
Our team
We create Openface together
Kristina Farberova
Victoria Sharapova
cosmetic chemist, head of RND
Elmira Gesheva
dermato-oncologist, MD
Natalia Martynova
Dina Berezina
Maria Vystavkina
Your personalized kit includes:

You will get three products in your personalized skincare set: a mild cleansing gel, a moisturizer and a targeted serum. The serum is designed to treat a specific condition: dehydration, acne, blackheads, pigmentation or any other skin concern you might have.

Start a quiz and order a personalized kit

Price: € 60
* Your order will be fulfilled in Fall 2019
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